Exercises Every Softball Athlete Should Avoid

Mar 03, 2023

Hey, softballers!

I hope you're having a great week! This week in chalk talk, we talked about exercises that you should avoid to prevent harm and improve your performance, best ways to stay active in the off-season, and dynamic vs static stretching.


Don't do these

  • Barbell overhead lifting...
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Warm Up Like You're Going To Win

Feb 24, 2023

Looking to optimize your game-day performance? How we prepare our body for a game has a huge impact on not only on how we play, but in how we feel after. It helps prevent injury and minimize pain. Are you just following the team warm-up? If you're ready to take your warm-ups to the next level,...

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Throw Farther, Swing Less, Build Power

Feb 10, 2023

Hey softballers!

Are you looking for ways to increase your throwing distance? Then you're in luck! In our latest chalk talk, we covered three exercises that can help you achieve that goal (IF you do them every day for a month!) Also below are my guidance for over-swinging, and my Top...

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