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A softball performance program designed to teach athletes how to safely develop strength, speed, and power.

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Most Programs Have Two BIG Problems

🚫 Generic

You're doing the same strength program that the football and soccer athletes are doing.

🚫 No Evaluation

Weighted training without a complete assessment of your foundational movement and readiness for weights not only limits your results, it sets you up for injury.

Baseline MX

  • Softball-specific training
  • Season-specific training
  • Assesses your readiness for weight training

Baseline MX is a softball-specific training program based on science that helps you maximize your performance on gameday and minimize your risk of injury.

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Our scientific approach has worked for thousands of athletes



Find Your Baseline

Uncover muscle weakness and mobility limitations that are holding you back with our trademark Movement Screen developed for softball players.


Get Your Custom Plan

Get your custom training plan, based on your Movement Screen and the softball season, to make sure you’re training the right way at the right time.


Get Results

Experience the results at tryouts and gameday as you show up in peak condition for softball.

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  • Baseline MX Training Program
  • Group training calls every week
  • Compete in leaderboard for monthly prizes



Most Popular

  • Baseline MX Training Program
  • Custom program based on your goals
  • 1-on-1 virtual training sessions
  • Movement Assessment ($120 value)
  • Compete in leaderboard for monthly prizes

Team Training


For Coaches

  • Baseline MX Training Program
  • Custom team workouts
  • One-on-one coach-trainer meetings
  • Participation & progress reports

Contact us to see if this option is right for your team. 

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Baseline MX Softball Training

Develop strength, speed, and power for softball.

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