Movement Focus: Rotation & Squats

Sep 20, 2023

Our last post emphasized the importance of diagnosing our own movement profile to see how well (or limited) our movement is. This is so crucial because your movement is the base-level limitation for everything you do on the softball field. Practice, drills, workouts, skill coach sessions– they all depend on access to your full movement. When you have a limitation here, it limits your performance but also sets you up for injury.

So, if you haven't done the movement screen yet, check it out below:

The Softball Movement Screen

These movements are indicators of physical limitations, and such limitations can always impact your technique.

If you can't perform these movements, it's a sign that you could be on the path to a non-contact injury. You're also more prone to a contact injury. But, most immediately, these limitations can hinder your athletic performance. How, you ask?


Limited motion = limited power

Let's begin with the movement that's most relevant to our sport: rotation. Did you notice a discrepancy in how far you can rotate in one direction compared to the other? Limited rotation means limited power. To illustrate, try jumping with your knees locked straight. You won't achieve the same height compared to when you bend your knees. Bending stores potential energy, boosting your jump power. In essence, limited motion equals limited power, and limited rotation also equals limited power.


Limited squat = limited backside power

Now, about that squat. If you can't get your butt all the way down to your heels, your training will not develop back side power. Executing a double leg squat with a restriction in your movement means you won't fully utilize the strength from that sequence. Limited motion results in limited power. A restricted squat means limited back side power, which might be the reason you're hitting fewer home runs.

Want more home runs? Focus on improving your movement. This requires a bit more knowledge and strategy than slamming weights. But if you build a foundation of movement with strength and stability, you'll save yourself from pain and do things you never thought you could do.


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